To Share (served with bread)

Artichoke Dip $8

warm artichoke spinach dip

Three Roasted Piquillo Peppers $8.

sweet peppers stuffed with goat cheese

Fresh Burrata Cheese $8

cream-filled mozzarella drizzled with truffle oil

Meatballs $10

served with tomato sauce


Wedge $8.

baby iceberg, smoked bacon, tomato + creamy gorgonzola

Greek $9.

feta. olives. cucumber. tomato. romaine. red wine vinaigrette

Classic Caesar $8.

romaine. Parmigiano-Reggiano. capers. garlic

House $8.

harvest mixed greens. gorgonzola. sunflower seeds. white wine venaigrette

Wood-Fired Pizza 12" pizza serves 1-2 people

Arugula $16

béchamel, fontina, white truffle oil, prosciutto, wild arugula

Margherita $12.

crushed tomato. mozzerella. parmigiano. basil

Street Taco $16.

pork carnitas, tomatillo, cilantro, queso. cabbage, lime

Fungi $14.

roasted shiitake. bechamel. fontina. roasted garlic. white truffle oil

Sausage $16.

crushed tomatoes. fontina. Italian sausage. Calabrian chiles

Pepperoni $16.

crushed tomatoes. mozzarella. fontina. pepperoni

Carne $18.

crushed tomatoes. Genoa salami. italian sausage. pepperoni. fontina. Calabrian chiles


Tiramisu $8.

espresso-soaked Italian cookies with mascarpone

Espresso float $7.

vanilla bean ice cream served with a shot of espresso

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate $7.