the wines subject to change


Mercat Cava Brut Rose $28.

Spain. light, bright, currant and blood orange flavors

Louis Perdrier Brut N/V $22.

France, light, citrus flavors, soft finish


LeP'tit Paysan CHARDONNAY $42.

California, bright with orchard fruit, compl

WATSON Pinot Grigio $28.

Coleman, light, crisp white with easy finish

Poggio Anima PECORINO $28.

Adriatic Sea, dry, pear aroma with lemon zest


Poggio Anima SAMAEL $24.

Abruzzo, Montepulciano, smoky black plum, finishes strong, tannins

TENDU $28.

Napa, red blend Aglianico, Montepulciano and Barbera

Poggio Anima BELIAL $24.

Tuscany, big wine , Italian red made with Sangiovese

Centine Toscana $24.

Tuscany, big wine with sangiovese

WATSON Syrah $28.

Coleman, blackberry, peppery & a little smokey

WATSON Red 1 Delta $28.

Coleman, 50% dolcetto, 50% primitivo, rich fruit

WATSON Cabernet Sauvignon $28.

Coleman, Cabernet Sauvignon, peppery, smooth, clean finish

RLV Toro $28.

Coleman, earthy, dark cherry, red & black

RLV Rojo $20

Coleman, ripe cherry, blackberry, balanced acidity