the wines subject to change


Mercat Cava Brut Rose 

Spain. light, bright, currant and blood orange flavors

Louis Perdrier Brut N/V 

France, light, citrus flavors, soft finish


LeP'tit Paysan CHARDONNAY 

California, bright with orchard fruit, compl

WATSON Pinot Grigio 

Coleman, light, crisp white with easy finish

Poggio Anima PECORINO 

Adriatic Sea, dry, pear aroma with lemon zest


Poggio Anima SAMAEL 

Abruzzo, Montepulciano, smoky black plum, finishes strong, tannins


Napa, red blend Aglianico, Montepulciano and Barbera

Poggio Anima BELIAL 

Tuscany, big wine , Italian red made with Sangiovese

Centine Toscana 

Tuscany, big wine with sangiovese

WATSON Syrah .

Coleman, blackberry, peppery & a little smokey

WATSON Red 1 Delta 

Coleman, 50% dolcetto, 50% primitivo, rich fruit

WATSON Cabernet Sauvignon 

Coleman, Cabernet Sauvignon, peppery, smooth, clean finish

RLV Toro 

Coleman, earthy, dark cherry, red & black

RLV Rojo 

Coleman, ripe cherry, blackberry, balanced acidity